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Cozy Quarters: Quilt & Applique Designs by Phyllis Paul

Cozy Quarters photoPhyllis Paul loves what she does. Every day she gets to share what she believes is her God given talent with everyone she meets. It was in 2006 that Phyllis coupled her creativity with her infatuation with fabric. This combination led her to open her own design company called Cozy Quarters in Greenville, WI.

"I worked in several of the local quilt shops and fell in love with fabric," Phyllis shared. "The endless ideas filled my head, and I couldn't sleep at night because I was thinking about what I could do with my latest fabric purchase – so that is how this all began."

Phyllis made her first quilt at the age of 48 and from that day she was hooked. She started designing things and selling them from her home as if it were a tiny boutique. Then she started reading about how to write patterns. The first five years she designed and wrote patterns, mostly selling wholesale. When designing she would draw her inspiration from anything and everything, with some of her favorites being musical lyrics from church, artistic paintings, a beautiful day with family and friends, and definitely her dog, Buddy. COMPLETE STORY

Tasmanian sewing table photoTasmanian Height Adjustable Table

This product is a must have in stock for every store that sells sewing machines. Brand new from Arrow, out of their Kangaroo collection -- The Tasmanian Height Adjustable Table.

Named for the Island State off the south coast of Australia known for wild tigers and devils, this table is nothing but heavenly. The fine lines and sleek fold away design make it an absolute necessity for any sewing machine retailer or end user. The table is a perfect sewing table that also converts to the proper height cutting table, with a crank of the handle the top can be adjusted from 28 ½" all the way to 38" tall.

Meet The HoopSisters & Staff

The Tradition Of Quilting With A 21st Century Twist

HoopSisters staff photoIn 2005, during their annual trip to Paducah, KY, for the American Quilters Society Show, sisters Lynda Remmers and Annie Moody could hardly sleep thinking of the possibilities of how an embroidery machine could be used in an unconventional way: making a quilt block. While in Paducah, Lynda began digitizing what is now their "Spoolin Around" design, while Annie stitched out 5" crazy quilt blocks.

Once home, Lynda started teaching the technique in her two stores while Annie traveled the U.S. and Japan teaching the technique. After classes students were coming up to Annie to see if she had more patterns or a book using this technique. When embroidery machine manufacturers began introducing larger hoops both sisters saw the potential for machine sales related to their new found technique. COMPLETE STORY

Scrap-O-Lator Quilts & More
by Dianne Springer

Dianne Springer book photoScrap-O-Lator Quilts & More by Dianne Springer is the ultimate scrap-o-lator. Dianne teaches her readers how to use their scraps to make bed quilts, a lap quilt, a table runner, placemats, whimsical home décor and more. Dianne covers anything in scraps such as lampshades, folding chairs, rugs, wall decorations, bathroom accessories and even a mailbox. Now your customers can do it too!

Dianne enjoys anything that involves fabric, from simply fondling the fibers to drawing designs that will become part of those fibers. In 2007 she started a company called, cleverly, Dianne Springer Designs. Her company creates, packages, and markets products that take the quilt from the bedroom to new and fun places. In 2010 she had the first line of fabrics that she designed become available in the marketplace and in 2012, with this book, she became a published author.

Order this book for your store by calling American Quilter's Society at 800-626-5420 or visit www.AmericanQuilter.com

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